Friday, April 1, 2011

Loss of P.E.I. looming - Plans to move Green Gables home to N.B.

Most of Canada will benefit from global warming (click on the map), that is what it says in a new report released today by the National Roundtable on Canada's Future. Unfortunately, as National Post columnist Terence Corcoran reports, Canada may lose a province as sea-levels rise precipitously. Officials commented that the loss of beautiful Prince Edward Island would be a small price to pay for the economic boon that would accrue to the rest of the country. PEI is basically a low elevation sand spit off the coast of New Brunswick. Plans are already afoot behind the scenes to move historic Green Gables (fabled home of Anne pictured right) to Magnetic Hill near Moncton New Brunswick so Canadians will be able to view two historic sites without driving across Confederation Bridge or taking the ferry. Bridge officials are completing studies to licence tourists when the Bridge is converted to a fishing pier in an attempt to recoup the cost of its construction.
Meanwhile in Britain (see video ad below), a new law comes into effect Oct. 1st, that ensures individuals will stop confusing climate and weather. Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario, is considering adopting the new law before his term runs out.  

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