Sunday, April 3, 2011

Election Day minus 30 and 29 - Getting Nominated

Day 8 & 9 - I saw my first Red-winged blackbird this morning, a sure sign of spring around here. They come to raid my feeders, waiting for the insects to come out of their eggs or winter hiding places. Talking about birds, the Blue Jays are 2 and 0, and they look very entertaining which could be the most we can ask for this year.
My door-to-door campaigning has begun, my neighbours are very receptive to signing my nomination papers. Canadians generally have a strong sense of fairness, my neighbours do anyway. Several of them have commented that they admire my determination, I did run in 2008 as well. I need 100 signatures by the end of this week to put my name on the ballot, plus $1000, an Official Agent and the requisite paper work. All should be in place, barring a catastrophe.
The first invitations for local TV appearances, and a televised all-candidates debate have also arrived. Those will take place next week and the week after that. Things are getting busy.
My friend out west has put words to the "baby debate video" I posted last week, enjoy:

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