Friday, April 1, 2011

Election Day minus 31- Opening Day

Day 7 - Play Ball. The Blue Jays are feasting on the Twinkies as I write, 11 to 3 in the 8th inning. There is a big crowd 50K or so, just like back in the early '90s, and they look pretty good for a bunch of kids. There was an E5 for our third baseman, Jays fans will know what I mean.
In the political games, they are still debating the debate. Do the Greens get a seat at the leaders debate table? I'm thinking that people are tiring of the whole green thing, and maybe the Greens are just splitting the votes of the leftist statist parties so that the rightist statist party gets in. As for me, statists are statists, it makes no difference.
Talking about statists, the CBC Vote Compass thing I wrote about earlier in the week is still making the news. The CBC claims that their vote discerning tool is unbiased. Of course it is, it is posted on the website of a government funded network that is staffed by overpaid unionized employees in a closed shop. No bias there, eh?
The pictures above represent both sides of my trifold brochure, outside panels are on top. The bulleted points are selected from the Libertarian platform. The message I'm driving at, is that we are different from all the other parties and the bulleted points highlight some of the differences. If people really read this over and understood the moral underpinnings of it, how could anyone disagree? That's what make political games.  

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