Friday, April 22, 2011

Election Day minus 11 and 10 - State Holiday Today, or else!

Libertarian says: party is socially
 liberal, fiscally conservative.

Day 27 and 28: Is Canada, particularly Ontario, Christian country? You would think it was today, Good Friday. Drive around my town and almost everything is closed. Yet I have been listening to the local all-news radio station and they report two and three hour wait times at the Canadian - US Border, for entry into the United States where it is business as usual. Those Yankees even have Good Friday/Easter Sales, and with the Loony worth about $1.05 for each US Greenback, well, that is irresistible for many not so religious Canucks. You would think in a free country people are grown-up enough to choose whether they want to work or pray or shop. Not here, it is an Ontario law and I have commented on it before. Just think of all the business being lost to our American neighbours as we are encouraged to stay home and hunt Easter eggs.
In another area, many Canadians are finding it much more difficult to cross that once very porous US-Canadian border. The legislative over-reaction to the  9/11 hysteria has created new ways for our governments to observe our movements, as you may want to read in this article.
Today is also Earth Day, did you know? I totally forgot, and the media did not remind me as it has dutifully done for the previous 20 years. I guess things have improved, or more likely people don't really care. Every day should be a day we respect property and how people use it. The destruction of the environment, I believe is largely due to poor laws for the protection of people's property. Canada is a perfect example, our Charter of Rights contains no provision for property rights and this phrase from the Libertarian platform sums up our policy: 
We maintain that no one has the right to violate the property rights of others by pollution. We believe that the laws of nuisance and negligence should be modified to cover damages done by air, water, and noise pollution.
We support the development of an objective system of law defining individual property rights to air and water. We believe that ambiguities regarding these rights (e.g., the concept of "public property") are a primary cause of our deteriorating environment.
In my own little election campaign, my wife helped me post all of my remaining large signs (30) throughout town, and repair many that have suffered wind damage. I have more large signs posted than either the New Democrat or the Green candidate. In fact the Green candidate isn't so green. His signs are plastic bags (non-recyclable) stretched over metal holders, and they are all lawn signs which contravenes the local Town by-law about size and sign type. Talk is cheap in the world of politics.
The two pictures above are from the local newspaper, and the reporter was reasonably accurate in reporting what I had said to her. I doubt that this will cause a stampede of voters in my direction, but who knows, I may attract the odd thinking individual.

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