Thursday, April 14, 2011

Election Day minus 18 - Ominous signs

Day 20 - Busy day, the radio interview didn't happen, but I was contacted by a producer from 102.1FM The Edge. My interview is Friday morning between 7:30 and 8 am, and it is already being promoted as: "Libertarian candidate Allen Small will tell you why his party wants to legalize your pot." As if we are a single issue party, like the Greens for example. But that is a good message for that particular demographic, who knows it may attract some listeners.
What did happen is my two minute-talk-to-tape for the cable channel went reasonably well and I got my signs, the prototype is on the left. Mostly the day was spent driving to one or the other of those things. Friday I have a helper and we will post some signs around town.
The war of words continues online, there are so few of us running: 26 out of a possible 308 spots, and we are so spread out that the web etc. is the only way we can "meet."
At one of the "meetings" this morning Jim McIntosh our Provincial CFO, my official agent and the agent of several others sent these "policy" notes around just to give candidates ammunition for the coming debates. I thought I'd share these, because they really get to the heart of who and what we are in Canada:

Topics covered: Taxation, Aging Demographic, Economic Development, Accountability, Family Doctor Shortage.

Re Taxation
Question - How many of you have got YOUR taxes done? Why do you call it "YOUR" taxes? Isn't it really THEIR taxes [referring to the Liberal, Conservative and NDP candidates]? This is money you earned that they are prepared to come and take from you, at the point of a gun if necessary, so that THEY can spend it as THEY see fit. So they can give money to corporations with big unions, or build stadiums for wealthy team owners, or provide government contracts to their friends. We work for almost six months of the year to support all levels of government. Do you have any choice? Doesn't that make you a slave for half of your life?

Re Doctor shortage (this is really a provincial issue - but things are so confused)
Question - If government provided bread for free, do you think we might run out of bread pretty damn quick? Lots of people would go without bread. It's the same with doctors. Government provides them for free to people. So lots of people go without doctors. Hey - you aren't paying for it, how can you complain? [sarcasm] But of course, doctors are not free of cost. The more doctors there are, the more it will cost the government. So several years ago, the government decided one way to control health care costs was to limit the number of
doctors graduating from our universities. And the number of nurses and hospital beds. Thank you Liberals and Conservatives. And Thank You NDP for persuading them to make a monopoly out of Health Care in the first place. Government-run monopolies are the problem. Competition is the solution. For more choice in health care, choose the Party of Choice, Libertarian.

Re Accountability
"You want accountability? Let's start with your MP (fill in the blank here). Did s/he tell you about the dozens of bills s/he was going to vote for before s/he was elected. Did s/he tell you he was going to ban incandescent light bulbs (thats a provincial issue, but you get the point) and force you to buy those twisty lights with mercury in them? Did he tell you he was prepared to give lots of your money to car companies so they could build more of the cars you didn't want in the first place? Did he tell you about all the other laws to restrict our activities that his party was going to pass in the last three years? Is there any way for us voters to say, "NO, repeal that law?" Of course not. Politicians don't want you interfering in their plans. They won't even give you the right to vote for "None of the Above". But that's why I'm running; If you vote Libertarian they will know you don't want any more of their programs.  (good one)

Re Aging demographics
Why is this a problem? Is it because people are living longer? Isn't that a good thing? Is it because families are having fewer children? Why is that a bad thing? Maybe it's because we have fewer people earning money that can be taken by the government to pay Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, and Guaranteed Income Security to more and more old folks. And all the health care that old people need. Maybe the government didn't expect people to live very long after retirement when they introduced all these programs. Now they've taken your money, thereby limiting your choices to prepare for your own 'golden years' and turned them into the 'rust years'. Government is not the solution, it is the problem. If you don't want to become a ward of the state in your old age, vote Libertarian.

Re Economic Development
What industry has experienced the greatest economic development in the last couple of decades? Isn't it technology, like computers and communications? [Hold up your cell phone.] How much 'stimulus' money did we provide this industry as taxpayers? Not nearly as much as we freely chose to spend on products and services provided in a highly competitive market. Who needs government to provide "economic development?" Companies that can't provide what we want at a price we are willing to pay, and politicians who hope to
get a cushy job when they are voted out of office. Some of you more mature folks may remember when Bell had a government-granted monopoly phone services. When they removed that privilege, look at the economic development that followed. We will have much more economic development if the government gets out of the way. Government is the problem, not the solution.

Now I have to go do their taxes. :-(



  1. Hi Mr. Small,

    You, yourself, have provided guidance and resources to myself, and I thank you. Sharing knowledge, freely with others, including complete strangers, is how the human species developed and will continue to progress towards our futures.
    Again thank you.
    Darcy Neal Donnelly
    SD&SG Candidate
    Libertarian Party of Canada

  2. You are most welcome, I agree completely. It is all for a good cause, and it might be a generational battle.