Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another supposed ecological disaster averted

Can an environmental advocacy organization ever admit that it has made an error (or worse)? Apparently not.
The David Suzuki Foundation has claimed for the past 10 years that eating farmed salmon is dangerous and that just farming salmon adversely affects wild salmon by spreading sea lice to them, and decimating the wild salmon populations. Both claims are at best exaggerated, and at worst just plain false according to Vivian Krause, a Vancouver researcher, writer, and blogger. 

Ms. Krause's most recent article was in the Financial Post. I have written about this before here. Ms. Krause's column points out that The Suzuki Foundation has been quietly removing all references regarding their 10 year battle against farmed salmon. Why? Is it because its wrong, or worse is it because they have accepted funds from lobbying organizations to dissuade people from eating farmed salmon for the purposes of marketing?
Thanks to Ms. Krauses' investigative work, we can get a peek inside the environmentalists cabal, to see just how they get their money and realize that science can be just as shady as politics. Check out this video:  

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