Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 6th is Tax Freedom Day.....

Tax Freedom Day in Canada is Monday, June 6th, 2011, two days later than last year. Many libertarian bloggers, writers, and philosophers will tell you that taxes effectively make us slaves because your taxes are spent largely without your direct input, and often in ways you would not prefer. Slaves don't have much say in their lives either, but here in Canada we are only slaves for the first five months of the year. This gives us the illusion of freedom.
How many of you out there are in favour of continuing to bomb Libya with pricey "smart bombs" so that we may protect Libyans from Gaddafi? Not I! Of course that justification is a ruse, the primary reason NATO wants Gaddafi out of Libya is to ensure that oil continues to flow to our NATO partners in Southern Europe. Was their even a vote in Parliament about this issue? I don't recall, the point is your taxes are being used over there, on the shores of Tripoli as the song goes.
The Fraser Institute does a good job of reminding us each year of our impending freedom from slavery, here is where to find the latest reminder. They have even come up with a little song for this year:

Just so you don't feel you have no say at all, the National Post has a survey that you might try. Who knows it might influence the government in how they spend the taxes the stole took from you this year. The survey has its own ambiguities, especially if you have libertarian leanings, give it a try, here.   

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