Monday, June 6, 2011

I am not a conspiracy theorist.

A couple of weeks ago, I was involved in a lengthy Facebook thread on anthropogenic global warming (AGW - a favourite topic of mine as many of you know). In the thread we had arrived at the point where links to websites like 'green-goblin' or 'green-man' or something were being posted. As if those links would provide me the missing bit of evidence that suddenly made me accept the theory of AGW. It reminds me of arguing with a Creationist who uses parts of the bible as his evidence, sorry.
One of the aforementioned thread participants (not a friend) called me a "conspiracy theorist" when I suggested that the entire issue of global warming may lead to a form of world government. I let the insult pass without comment, but I get his point. The fact is though, the UN and its IPCC sprout, already have the aura of a world government. I'm convinced however, it is no conspiracy. There is no plot by political leaders to force the world to trade carbon credits and it's not going to happen, no one is that stupid, oh wait, maybe the Europeans. Now there is a conspiracy of the stupid, the European Union, one of the dumber idea's of the last century.
If there really were such things as secret conspiracies I suspect we would already know about them, or soon will. In a world hungry for information it is almost impossible to keep things secret for very long. Reals secrets are worth real money to anyone that has the secrets to sell. People even give secrets away, free! Case in point, that fellow who leaked to WikiLeaks,  Bradley Manning, he gave it away, the military can't even keep a secret.
Most conspiracy theories are ridiculous yet still have relatively large followings. You know what I mean, UFO's and Area 51, the JFK Assassination plot, Faked Moon Landings, Chemtrails, the 9/11 Truthers, and my favourite, Jewish World Domination, yeah right. The list is long.
How hard is it to keep a real secret? Ask the US Air Force about the billion dollar secret unmanned space plane called X-37B. It seems a couple of Canadian backyard astronomers with math skills outed X-37B. You can go out and spot this secret space plane, just enter your postal code or zip code into this webpage, and you will get a list of satellite flybys and at some point during the week X-37B will be overhead. Don't tell anyone.        


  1. I've never thought you were mired in conspiracies but I have, and continue to, accuse you of AGW denial. Mostly because you've refused to look at what has been presented.

    Assuming your nemesis was referring to Greenman3610 on YouTube, referencing him is not at all like referencing the bible. Greenman3610 has a bias toward environmental conservation (his name gives him away) but if you ever bothered to watch his videos you'd discover that far from promoting an ideology, what makes his videos popular is his dedication to finding, and reading, original sources.

    You see, Greenman3610 actually goes to the facts and presents the excerpts from the reports the scientists write. What Greenman3610 is show why those who deny AGW are wrong. I don't care if you ever accept AGW but why should your incorrect statements go unchallenged? If you won't learn from the original sources, maybe your readers will.

  2. I appreciate that, let the readers decide. BTW, I don't deny the possibility of AGW, I think it unlikely and ultimately harmless, and even if there was some minor contribution made by humans it is certainly not worth trying to mitigate it. The cost, corruption, and loss of freedom globally would be staggering. I think Europe is on the precipice now and America is not far behind, and the whole green thing will be irrelevant.


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