Saturday, May 21, 2011

Out there on the fringe

If you are reading this after 6 pm in the Eastern Time Zone, then you and I will likely make it through the night. Somehow I knew we would.
Apparently the mainstream media were starved for real news this week, or they were concerned that the end is indeed near, or they are giving us the old "wink-wink" with the story of the fringe Christian group preparing for the apocalypse today May 21, 2011.

Last month I attended a media gathering (but very few media were there) of "fringe political" parties in Toronto so that we, the fringe parties, could get some media attention during the Canadian election campaign.
Thats right the Libertarian Party of Canada is considered a fringe group. The party that advocates freedom from coercive force especially by government, the party that advocates free enterprise capitalism, the party that advocates property rights, limited government, adherence to a constitution that protects individual liberty, and on and on, WE are fringe! It boggles my mind every time I think about it, freedom is fringe! Did we get the same coverage as those moron Christians in the video below? No, not even close. I guess next time we should try billboards with a scary message like "freedom is not free" or something more ominous. If there is a next time! ;-)


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  1. Whew! Thank God? I guess we're free to continue sinning for a while longer. As long as we don't stop paying our taxes.


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