Friday, May 20, 2011

Kids, Voters and the Nanny State

The results of the last election here in Canada has had many minds churning, not the least is Stefan Molyneux. I'm not suggesting that the following video by Mr. Molyneux was produced in response to the recent election here, but it certainly could have been.
In a very simple yet insightful comparison, this YouTube posting (The State as Family) shows that modern day voters are like children, and then continues the simile to show how the State is, and has become, like the family through a slow relentless evolution that has produced the leviathan known as the Nanny State. This has happened here in Canada, which I don't think is even mentioned in the video, but also throughout Europe and the United States which prides itself as being the "Land of the free" etc. etc. According to Mr. Molyneux, the pervasive jingoism that periodically erupts in America (shooting of bin Laden), is just blatant Nanny-statism, and I have to agree.  

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  1. Sad, sad but true. Death by Santa and his Red sack of entitlements.

    If we want the next generation to think for themselves, we must cut public education entirely. Then parents will have to send their children to REAL factory schools, where they learn on the job, contribute to the workforce. Then instead of playing video games at home, they will actively develop their own skills and knowledge to get a better job.


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