Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Exploiting the worker

Just to follow up to my Labour Day post. One of the primary reasons for the existence of unions was to prevent workers from being exploited by capitalists. If markets were free, does that make it inevitable that workers are exploited? Not according to the video below:

In fact, the chances of workers being exploited are far greater in the present situation where free markets do not exist. Today in most Western democracies (including the US and Canada) governments do favours for capitalists and capitalists provide donations to political parties on the "understanding" that favours will be done. This crony capitalism is far more exploitive than a free market would be as explained here:

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  1. Very good series. Today too many people see government as the only solution to any given problem. They think more is needed for health care to be low cost, but in reality, the lowest cost is achieved when the medical care market is freed. Give people back their money, then they will have more to spend on medical care, and cost for care will also be dramatically lowered, because government is the cause of high priced care, not the solution.


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