Friday, July 29, 2011

Warning, this posting is not politically correct and there is swearing too....

How many recycling containers do you use in your home? Here in my corner of the Great White North we have just a couple that we put out, and think we are doing our bit. But are we?
On garbage day a man on a bike, laden with bags and carriers, cycles through my neighbourhood in suburbia, rain or shine, summer or winter, and picks through the recycling "blue boxes" looking for anything of value. What could there be of value? Well, I can watch this guy through my office window as he picks out beer, wine and liquor bottles because the Provincial government beer store, returns a deposit on them and the man also picks up aluminium cans. Why aluminum? Good question, I'll leave that explanation for Penn Jillette and his colleague Teller. Enjoy, but be warned, there is swearing and it might shake your belief in recycling.

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