Sunday, July 10, 2011

Libertarianism for the long, long haul......

If you are looking for a libertarian view of the world you can't go too wrong by reading the blog postings on
Lew Rockwell is Chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute which I have mentioned many times on this blog. He has played an integral role in the rise of modern libertarianism, and he knows just about everyone around that can be considered a spokesperson for the cause.
A recent posting on Rockwell's blog is what I want to point people to.
Anthony Gregory wrote a rather lengthy piece last week that appeared on Rockwell's blog. The reason I bring it up is that it gives a long, long term view of the prospects of a libertarian revival (if that is the proper word).
Gregory writes as an American libertarian and his comments range across almost all aspects of current politics and economics, including the difference between Bush and Obama, conservatives and the Tea Party, conservatives and libertarians, socialism and environmentalism, and so much more, you should read it. He  attempts to predict future political and economic outcomes and discusses each from a libertarian point-of-view. It is exceptionally interesting reading, sometimes depressing, but ultimately hopeful. Have a look here.  

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