Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The most hated group in America, Atheists!

Atheists watch this. In America you are the most vilified minority around, even though as a group you are probably the least violent, most tolerant, most thoughtful and intelligent.
From Stefan Molyneux:


  1. Basically an atheist doesn't believe as I do as a Christian. What's wrong with that. Have we been so memorable presenting our beliefs to the point that people should embrace? Or even respect?

  2. Surely "least violent, most tolerant, most thoughtful and intelligent" are four solid reasons to be hated in today's USA, even without the question of belief.

    Q : of four organizations
    a) Sword of God
    b) Hammer of Heaven
    c) Spatula of Paradise
    d) Windshield Wiper of Doubt
    which HQ is most likely to be the scene of violence?

    A: (d), because (a), (b) and (c) will keep coming around to break the windows.

  3. People don't trust atheist. That doesn't mean people hate them... Victimism is just stupid.

    And minority groups share many similarities with atheist groups, so it is not about atheism, but variety.

    1. Clearly you don't get it. Josell, there is only 1 (who hid it during his campaign) atheist in Congress. Atheists are so disproportionally represented its criminal. In the most update Census 17% of the nation was either non-religious, agnostic, or atheist- yet somehow all these groups only have 1 outspoken representative.
      Further, look at things like the Boyscouts, where in some regions have rules against atheists from joining.
      What this nation does to those who simply chose to stay out of religion is so anti what this nation was founded on it is sickening.

  4. Most TOLERANT? Are you freaking kidding me??? They demand things to be removed that they don't like, which infringes on the rights of those of us who DO like them...You don't like crosses on graves? Don't look at them. You don't like the Ten Commandments in government buildings? Don't read them. Why are YOUR wishes more weighted than everyone else? You guys are the most vile people because while you're trying to get what you want, you're hell bent on making sure everyone else suffers.

    1. Separation of Church and State is a fundamental concept to liberty. Unfortunately in the United States that idea is lost on many Americans.

    2. Kraycain, you're proving this study true. "most vile people"? I could give a shit about crosses anywhere, or the ten commandments. It's not hurting anyone, enjoy. What is wrong is making generalities like you've done. I would say you've been more widely accepted because of your beliefs rather than discriminated against. That's what this article is talking about. Not gravestones. Maybe you should try talking to one of us as to why we think the way we do before jumping to conclusions. I leave it in your hands.

  5. Where do you get those stats? Hopefully not from the MSM! What was founded as a Christian-based nation is being decimated by the selfish complaints of differing believers or, in your case, nonbelievers. They scream to have Christian prayer removed from everything and expect to enjoy the ability to practice their own or nothing in its place. Who is the hater? We have good reason to feel such defensive anger toward all who participate in the dismantling of America's founding faith. Atheists ridicule me for believing in something more rational (in my opinion) than their nothingness. There is no sob story to tell. You want to pray to nothing? Don't pray for those few "torturous" seconds or build your own school. Your very lack of belief is a religion in itself, an imposition on those who do believe. You do in fact receive so much hate, it's likely because you take religion away from others who came long before you and replace it with nothing. I guarantee you, taking practices from a believer is far more offensive than asking a nonbeliever to wait for a short prayer to be over with. And, the pledge of allegiance? You want to take God out of that, too?!? Just so you know, I am not a practicing Christian. However, I do view this as an invasion of hypocrites who gallivant right in and act like they own the effing place. If America had been founded on Atheism, you would see this point more clearly. I do not apologize but my intention is not to offend. I simply grow weary of so much complaint. It's America's bowl of cornflakes. Don't piss in them. See what I'm saying?

  6. "What was founded as a Christian-based nation" really? First my blog site originates in Canada, and the video was produced and narrated by a Canadian.
    I think you need to re-read the First Amendment of the US Constitution: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
    That's pretty clear to me.


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