Sunday, July 4, 2010

The War on Drugs goes on

I first wrote about the War on Drugs in March of 2009. My view is that Alcohol Prohibition created criminals of American citizens in the 1920's and 30's and today drug prohibitions are doing the same to both Canadians and Americans as well as citizens of other countries around the world. The illegal drug trade and the laws against it has created violence that endangers the lives of innocent citizens rather than protecting them.
Contrary to good evidence the Harper Conservatives have introduced and passed (195 to 54) Bill C-15 that provides for Mandatory Minimum sentencing for so-called drug crimes even though more policing has been shown to increase violence. The violence threatens to spread into Canada and has grown worse especially in the border area around the US and Mexico. Bill C-15 will impose a minimum 6 month sentence for possession of between 5 and 201 cannabis plants. Though C-15 has passed in the House it has yet to become law awaiting passage in the Senate and signing by the Governor General.
The anti-prohibition group called LEAP has organized some opposition to Bill C-15 with this petition and the following video:


  1. The legislation has been RE-introduced as Bill S-10.

    Bill S-10 information page:

    Highlighted Senate transcripts of the three Bill S-10 debates that have taken place in the Senate so far (May 11, 12 & 13, 2010):

    Since Bill S-10 is the same as the previous Bill C-15, all C-15 expert testimony applies...

    Bill C-15 Senate Committee Transcripts and Videos:

    VIDEO: "Senator John D. Wallace just doesn't get it!"


  2. Thanks Frank, I will post the new information.


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