Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Black Market Bailout

There is an interesting article in the Financial Post today asking the question "Did Washington avert a depression"? Of course the answer is a resounding yes, not just because it's the Financial Post, but because the guy that wrote the report was a former vice-chairman of the Federal Reserve. What the hell do you think he would say? Naturally they don't go into the fact this "intervention" into the economy is going to be reconciled at some point down the road, but by that time the unwashed masses will have forgotten what caused the reconciliation. Of course those same unwashed masses will be forced to pay for the consequences without hope of any bailout. But there is one way for them to get that bailout and hints of it, are occasionally visible.
In Michigan, one of the hardest hit of all the States economically speaking, some businesses are accepting payment for goods or services with alternative forms of currency. Imagine a restauranteur accepting copper (and I don't mean pennies) as a payment for meals. Of course Ontario and BC have increased taxes on many more items this month with the new HST. Does that mean an all cash underground economy will grow? Do bears crap in the woods? "You betcha" as whats her name would say.
Yessiree the unwashed masses may be unwashed but they are not stupid. They want their bailout too. Which brings me to the story of the illegal "grilled cheese factory" in Manhattan. Apparently there is a talented grilled cheese maker in NYC who eschews the local government regulations and the prohibitive cost (not to mention risk) for setting up a legit business. This fellow has created a business making and delivering grilled cheese sandwiches for $5 in a brown paper bag to customers on local street corners. He even has a FaceBook page and a "company" name: Bread.Butter.Cheese. This could be the way of the future, the black market bailout!  


  1. I totally agree. The black market brings options, while government help brings further bondage to the State.

    More freedom is the only viable economic fix. Thanks for the great, and inspiring post! :)


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