Monday, May 31, 2010

Heretics Unite, you have nothing to lose.....

I wish I could say that this will be my final word on Global Warming.
Frankly, I think that the Copenhagen Conference (Dec. '09) was a turning point for the entire issue as it coincided with the "e-mail debacle" in Britain (true or not). That is one reason, and the other is the realization by everyone lately that not only can banks default and beg for bailouts, but whole countries can default on their bonds (loans) and need to be bailed out too. Obviously the economic ideas that have prevailed in recent times across the governments of the Western world will need to be revised. I hope that happens soon, but I think more severe pain will have to be endured before the poop really hits the propellor.
So I give you The Great Global Warming Swindle, (found on Facebook) a rather lengthy piece of video (get the popcorn) that is a compilation of the other side of Global Warming. Is it true? Well, maybe it is or maybe it's just another point of view.  Some things are for sure, you don't have to watch it, and if you watch it, you don't have to believe it, and if you believe it, you can't force anyone to do something about it; because there is nothing to do. So gather your children........I don't think it's your fault.


  1. If you had any interest in the truth about global warming, you would have written a fair and balanced post. Allow me to fix this oversight.

    Here is a short video that rebuts the main arguments and shows where the producers lied or mislead:

    For some more in-depth discussion, why not try the wikipedia entry?

    I'm sure all your readers are familiar with Google so I suggest they simply type 'global warming swindle debunked' and see what real scientists say (and not politicians, economists and deniers).

    I'm really glad you posted this video because my good friend was a denier years ago until I showed him the rebuttals to it. From there, he began to learn about skepticism and logical fallacies and the techniques people use to lie and deceive.

    Given the chance, I'd gladly play this video in a Science, Math and English class to show how the producers misrepresented the science, deceived on the graph and used rhetoric instead of logic and reason.

    Thanks for this one!

  2. You're welcome, knock yourself out. I like the video and if you can use it as a teaching tool I feel better about it. Skeptics 'r Us!