Saturday, September 1, 2012

RNC shuts out Ron Paul

Probably the most "balanced" news from the Republican National Convention this past week, was from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Yes, thats right, truth in comedy.

But even they missed the back-room shenanigans that involved fundamental changes in the rules of the convention, preferring instead to focus on things like Clint Eastwood's appearance with an empty chair.

Canadians may view Jon Stewart's last report from the RNC here. If you are reading this from a US location, you will have to see that episode here. Aside from being funny, Stewart does what he is expert at, and for that you will have to watch.

For the past year I naively believed that Ron Paul would get to speak at the Republican Convention if he just hung in and followed the rules, but it didn't happen. The rules were changed, and Ron Paul was literally ostracized from the RNC. Ben Swann of WXIX in Cincinnati explains how the RNC rules were changed to ignore the Ron Paul delegation here.

Where will libertarian supporters of Ron Paul cast their vote considering the debacle in Tampa? This report from ReasonTV may shed some light on that.

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