Thursday, September 1, 2011

Self assembling structures....

In biology its well known that organisms are self-replicating. Some organisms can, by themselves create copies of themselves. For example a single-celled bacterium can divide and produce two bacteria. Plants produce seeds that are able to produce new plants. Two humans, male and female, can produce another human.
This idea of self-replication goes all the way down to DNA, thousands even millions of parts are self assembled into new DNA copied from a template. DNA, can itself through intermediate molecules, make proteins. This is fairly well understood.
But what about buildings or machines assembling themselves, is that possible?
As a movie lover, I immediately thought of the Terminator series when I saw the video below. You know where the computer becomes "self-aware," then all hell breaks loose. Machines make more machines and are at war with humans, is that possible? Maybe, watch:  

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