Wednesday, April 7, 2010

John Stossel - What Am I?

Yesterday I suggested that people should check out John Stossel's Junk Science program on YouTube. I also noted why I like Stossel, and why I continue to like his work. It's almost as if he were reading my blog (not likely). Today to publicize his FOX Business Network show he writes "What am I?". Perfect, have a look.


  1. Quote from Jeffrey Miron: "But it means you're not taking from people who've worked hard to earn their income (in order) to give it to people who have not worked hard."

    A callous way of looking at the poor. Many rich people have worked very hard but for every successful rich person there are hundreds of those who worked hard, and failed. Shake hands with some small business people and you'll see very hard workers who are not earning a decent living. Oddly enough, many very wealthy people work far less - should they be stripped of their income?

    The Libertarian attitude reminds me of a day at the Casino - those few who bet, and won big, believe they 'deserve' their winnings and that all those losers just didn't work hard enough to correctly guess the right numbers.

  2. Life is sometimes callous. But I believe hard work always offers more benefits than dependency on government (or any) handouts. I don't have a problem with helping people, I have a problem with institutionalizing it and creating the sense of entitlement that occurs after some time. It always ends badly - unless you can show me contrary evidence.


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