Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A challenge to Canadian journalists

Tomorrow is income-tax deadline day in the United States. In Canada we follow two weeks later on April 30.
As a journalist, John Stossel does not hesitate to skewer both people and practices that he feels stray from the ideas of fundamental liberty. Today he writes about the complexity of income tax in the United States, read it here.
Income tax in both Canada and the US has become part of our daily lives - like brushing your teeth and taking out the garbage.  Most things that we do on a daily, weekly or even annual basis are fairly simple. You shovel the snow, cut the grass, paint the garage - stuff like that. You might even hire someone to do these things for you, but that is strictly voluntary.
Income tax has become so complex that many people MUST resort to outside help, like John Stossel. Lets put aside for a moment the size of the tax, the questionable value for money that it delivers, and the coercive nature of this obligation. Why does it need to be this complicated? Where are the Canadian journalists that might inject this issue into the daily conversation?    

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