Friday, July 10, 2009

Americans value science, but not all of it

This was an interesting survey on a quiet news day. While showing that 90% of scientists (didn't say what kind of scientists) support Evolution by natural selection, only 33% of the American public does. At the same time 84% of scientists say the Earth is warming due to human activity and less than 50% of the American public agrees.
What likely wasn't asked in this survey was why these these beliefs exist. Apparently objective evidence has very little to do with the "thinking" of respondents from the public in this survey. Evidence for Evolution is overwhelming and yet only 33% believe it. Evidence for Global Warming due to human activity.......really not so much. Mostly its very indirect evidence not cause-effect-type evidence. Yet just under 50% believe it. All this shows is that climate change environmental activists have a stronger lobby than the evolutionists. So science has more to do with American Idol than with reality.

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