Tuesday, June 2, 2009

GM = Government Motors

North American governments announced yesterday that they collectively own about 72% of General Motors. The US owns 60% and the Ontario and Canadian government about 12%. This announcement caused nary a ripple among the opposition benches in Canada. Where is the Official Opposition in the Federal and Ontario governments? Do they have no criticism, nothing to say about the outrageous debt obligations incurred yesterday? Or are the oppositions as devoid of principles as the current governments? On these important issues that will impoverish generations to come, all Canadian governments and their parties seem to conform to one idea, save some jobs and damn the consequences. All that’s left to oppose the governments are a few sensible journalists like Margaret Wente. How can Canadians choose between parties if all our elected representatives follow the same policies? We have achieved here in Canada what we have criticised in totalitarian regimes around the world. Elections in those countries are a foregone conclusion, the "government" will do the same thing no matter who is elected. All the so called political parties have the same goals and solutions, the electorate just has the choice of personalities. Canada has arrived at that nadir of democracy. At least American politicians voiced their opposition. Apparently our politicians are sucking so hard at the nipples of the unions they can't speak.

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