Thursday, March 1, 2012

Signs of Hope & Change 3

This month marks the beginning of my fourth year blogging online. I have over 500 blog posts, coming up to 41,000 page-views, and I'm still learning how to use this wonderful tool.

Why bother? Only because I believe, perhaps naively, that I can make a difference, I can help change things for the better. That's why I've jumped into politics after spending most of my life being apolitical.

Politicians and their antics seem to dominate the news media in North America. While I haven't done a survey, I'm sure that's true. Even though I've become political, I don't really want to be in the news, I just think our lives have been manipulated by political agendas for far too long, and that has damaged individuals and society as a whole. There needs to be a counteracting force.

The world is run by busybodies that inhabit various political offices, legislative assemblies, parliaments and congresses. To justify their own existence, these political entities are forever busy dreaming up new legislation that almost always adds to the cost and size of government, while at the same time removing money, freedoms and responsibilities from individuals.

Most interesting to me is that with all the political shenanigans that have gone on and are going on, very few if any of them have an impact on improving our lives, our living conditions, or anything else of value. On the contrary, think about it, when was the last time a political decision had a significant positive impact on your life?

But our lives have improved despite governments, how? Peter Diamandis explains in the TED video below that things are getting better. If you have heard of the X-Prize, then you may know Dr. Diamandis. The X-Prize, does what governments around the world notoriously appose, it incentivizes human competition, governments of course, do the opposite. The X-Prize leverages the human mind and the free market and gives us all reason to be optimistic and hope for better things.  

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