Thursday, January 19, 2012

Signs of Hope & Change 1

Three years ago this week Mr. Hope & Change, Barak Obama was installed as POTUS. It was historic, a black President in the White House! For anyone like me that lived through the race riots of the sixties, it was stunning. But I had no illusions that this guy was going to change anything, and here we are three years later and I'm fairly certain that whatever hope there was, has evaporated too.
The cartoon that I snatched really puts an exclamation point to Obama's election promises. I don't really care if Canadian Oil is refined in the US or China or even in Canada (why not?). The Keystone pipeline decision is a perfect example of how governments position themselves in places they do not belong. This decision was entirely political, aided and abetted by misguided environmentalists who protected nothing but their own political turf.
I suspect at some point the pipe will be built - but not until the 2012 US elections are done. Democrats will say this is a good move for Obama and his re-election, it shows how different he is from his GOP counterparts. Sure he is. In Washington its politics as usual, nothing has changed. While free markets enable the economy and wealth production, politics and government disable the economy and wealth production. Obama and all his brilliant advisors have no clue how wealth is created and no idea of how America became he wealthiest country ever.

Unfortunately Obama's slogan of "hope and change" now has the connotation of failure. Obama was given a Nobel Peace Prize just for the "hope," but it should be removed for the reality.

I believe that the slogan "hope and change" should be revived, I think there is plenty of hope that things will change for the better, in the long run, they always have. I'll do this periodically, here is an example of a tiny bit of hope.

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