Monday, March 1, 2010

More climate meltdown

Even the mainline press is starting to question the "settled science" of climate change. A recent opinion in the Wall Street Journal Online suggests that the IPCC claims on impending climate doom could bear with more scrutiny. The article challenges some IPCC claims spin and spins it in a different direction. Of course as these contradictory positions mount up, public opinion becomes more confused than ever over a very complex issue. The good news is that the likelihood of government action may diminish.       


  1. The IPCC report is constantly under scrutiny by the best people qualified to scrutinize it - scientists. Although there are a couple errors (timing of Himalayan glaciers for example) what keeps coming up is how wrong the IPCC is; their projections are not pessimistic enough:

  2. So their predictive model is wrong/needs to be tweaked - thats what you are saying. If in fact that is true AND this recent post is true:
    then solutions can be found that do not include subjegating the worlds population to arbitrary restrictions that will never work. In a free market economy solutions to any problem will arise if the monetary incentives are sufficient.

  3. First the playing field needs to be leveled. There is currently no price on dirty fuels like oil and coal AND it is subsidized by governments. Free market solutions will not/can not kick in until clean energy becomes competitive.

  4. If thats true, certainly. I'm not sure what subsidies there are in Canada, I think its the reverse and oil/gas companies pay provincial royalties. But there is so much cheap (and relatively clean) natural gas around that its going to take a very long time before alternative fuel sources become competitive here.


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