Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama Overload & Drugs. The Ontario Budget.

Are you suffering from "B-O overload?" Are the Obama-crats cramping your nightly TV viewing? Barack Obama is proving to be a canny and articulate leader. His tour of the media (Leno, 60 minutes etc..) is obviously part of a sales campaign to convince Americans that things are under control, we know what we're doing, trust us, everything is going to be alright........eventually. That may or may not be true (I'm thinking not) but one thing is clear, Americans are going to be in hock for way more than the $10 trillion debt that already exists with no guarantee of success. Obama spent much of his press conference last night (March 24/09) reassuring us about the economy. Do you feel better yet?

Drugs at the Mexican Border

Another issue touched upon during the above press conference was the spreading drug violence across the US border from Mexico. Of course drug violence occurs just about everywhere. But where drug prohibition is tempered, drug violence is reduced. The evidence can be seen in how soft drug use is treated in the Netherlands compared to the US. The website linked in the previous sentence shows a lower rate of cannabis use in Holland than the US. How is that possible when America is at war against drugs. History shows us that prohibition results in violence. Check out the graph by clicking on this title: Homicides and Prisoners in Custody 1900-1990
Prohibition began in the US in 1920 and ended in 1933. Look at how the homicide rate (an indicator of violence) rises and falls on the graph during this period, look at prisoners in custody. Do you think there is a cause-effect link? I think there is. Even law enforcement authorities (click) think drug prohibition is wrong. That's what most Libertarians think as well.

The Ontario Budget March 26/09

Well the Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty is making noises about "harmonizing" our burdensome consumption taxes. Lets see, there's an 8% tax (PST) on a bunch of things except haircuts, kids books, feminine hygiene products and other essentials. There is also a 5% federal tax (GST) on most goods and services. Each tax is calculated separately, you know to be fair - but a pain if you are a business person. But if the tax is harmonized then we pay 13% on most everything including things that were not doubly taxed before.Ugh! Will he do it? Will he lower the PST to make it more palatable (11%)? Why not spend less money on useless government programs and let us keep our money to spend on ourselves? Why not?

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